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Right to work

Right to work and adequate wages has been one of the important aspects of JMS campaigns, JMS being the collective of women agricultural labourers. Since the year 2000 JMS has raised been part of collective mass actions in the district demanding effective implementation of of NREGS. Being a drought hit area, Raichur is one of the districts having massive outmigration of labour. The efforts of JMS towards making right to work a reality.
•    2002: Three days struggle to get work under ‘food for work’ under drought mitigation scheme which resulted in getting work for 300 people for a week
•   2002-2005: Struggle against the mechanized harvesting: The mechanized harvesters employed in harvesting paddy reduced the days of work for agricultural labourers. The agricultural labourers had to bargain hard for Rs.600/- per acre for harvesting and threshing the paddy. With the harvesting machines, the rate per acerage was decreasing. JMS carried on the campaign against the mechanized harvesting for three years. The campaign included awareness in the villages, petitions to Tehashildars and the District administration. In the year 2004, as a result of the campaign, the district administration banned the entry of the harvesting machines in the entire district. The people then got wages worth Rs.1500 per acre and more number of days in the entire district.
•   National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGS): Raichur was one of the districts where the NREGS was piloted during 2007-10. The main objective was to strengthen the process of NREGS to procure work for people. The important processes of this campaign were:
•   Being part of the “Joint Action Committee” a forum of people’s platform in Raichur dist.
•   Facilitating Social Audit of NREGA
•    By conducting training and capacity building in villages.
•   Collective action at the Panchayat level
•   Dialogue with the Zilla Panchayat for implementation of NREGS
•   Collective Action at the District Levels

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