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PEOPLE BEFORE PROJECTS – All projects as a means towards a life of dignity for Dalit Communities

JMS has its ultimate vision in envisioning A LIFE OF DIGNITY FOR DALIT WOMEN and DALIT COMMUNITIES. Hence working towards this goal is the only project. As and when opportunities have come, JMS has accepted financially supported projects to further this vision, most of which are linked to Dalit Human Rights, Access to natural resources, increasing the economic and social bargaining power of Dalit Women. Some of the prominent projects include the following:
• Promotion and Protection of Dalit Women’s Human Rights: This includes the process of empowering Dalit Women, organizing Dalit Women, building leadership, providing opportunities for the growth of Dalit Women Leaders.

• Chilipili Child Labourer’s Special School: Through this project implemented in collaboration with the National Child Labour Project (NCLP), JMS has educated and mainstreamed over 400 child laborers, majority of whom were girl children. (2001- till date continues)

• Promoting Livelihood Initiatives through CHIGURU: Included training women in terracotta jewellery, herbal medicines, preparation of neem fertilizers, bio- compost and vermin-compost etc.(since 2002). The neem fertilizer unit provides employment to 15 women for 3 months, terracotta unit provides employment for 15 women throughout the year.

• Land Development Programme: Developing the fallow and marginal lands of Dalit Communities (2003-2008). This covered 14 households in Devipura village (28 acres of land developed) and 54 households in 4 villages of Jagir Pannur, Kharabdinni,Pothnal and Dotrabandi (106 acres of land developed)

• Community Monitoring and Planning Programme: This was implemented in collaboration with the National Rural Health Mission in 4 PHCs covering 50 villages over 8 months. (2008-09)

• Cotton Project: Covered 300 Dalit Households in getting equipped technically and in know-how to prepare bio-compost from bio-mass. Resulted in the preparation of 300 tonnes of bio-compost and 50 households prepared vermin-compost (2008-11)

• Swabhimanada Baduku: Supported by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, helps JMS work in 14 Gram Panchayats covering 62 villages to ensure that 4500 households have access to 100 days of work under MGNREGA. (2011-13)